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Jacket Abacus Abacus 1971
Abacus Just A Day's Journey Away! 1972
Jacket Abacus Everything You Need / Midway 1972/74
sleeve Abacus Destiny 2010
sleeve Action Action 2009
Jacket Aigues Vives Water of Seasons 1981
Jacket Ainigma Diluvium 1973
Jacket Albatros Garden of Eden 1978
Jacket Alcatraz Vampire State Building 1971
Jacket Alex Alex 1974
Jacket Alex That's the Deal 1976
Jacket Altona Altona 1974
Jacket Altona Chickenfarm 1975
Jacket Amenophis Amenophis 1983
Jacket Amenophis You and I 1988
Jacket Amon Guru Die Krautrock Explosion 2008
Jacket Amos Key First Key 1974
sleeve Amos Key Keynotes 2010
Jacket Anabis Heaven on Earth 1980
Jacket Anabis Theatre 1989
Jacket Andreas Ludwig Callings of the Night 1999
Jacket Andromeda Andromeda 1970
Jacket Annexus Quam Osmose 1970
Jacket Annexus Quam Beziehungen 1972
Jacket Anthony Rother Magic Diner 2003
Jacket Apocalypse Apocalypse 1969
Jacket Aqua Aqua 2008
Jacket Ardo Dombec Ardo Dombec 1971
Jacket Armaggedon Armaggedon 1970
Jacket Arno Clauss An Tante Gertie in Zons am Rhein 1972
Jacket Art Boys Collection Stoned Wall 1972
Jacket Asterix Asterix 1970